August 2018 Newsletter

We have been busy this summer building for the future! Our Grande Prairie lab has relocated to a new unit and we have built CORN testing packages! Find out more in our newsletter through the link to the right:

April 2018 Newsletter

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have launched 2 new services this spring! First, we now offer Soil Nutrient testing for western Canadian growers through our SGS network. Secondly, CFIA has approved SGS BioVision to conduct Phytosanitary analysis for grain shipments to various countries. Find out more in our newsletter through the link to the right:

February 2018 Newsletter

Prepare now for the spring! Learn about our spring seed testing packages, what volume of seed to send and the turn-around for testing. New to agronomy is soil pathology testing PRIOR to planting. Why wait until your crop is damaged by disease. Find out more in our newsletter through the link to the right:

January 2018 Newsletter

We have now joined the SGS team and offer a wide range of testing! With our One-Stop-Shop strategy, we now offer soil & plant nutrient testing, GMO event testing, forage & feed testing and lastly pesticide residue. Find out more in our newsletter through the link to the right:

April 2017 Newsletter

This edition we focus on our cherished staff. First off, it is time to say farewell to our friend and colleague Margaret Holmberg, as she commences her new phase of retirement. Also, meet our Grande Prairie team, who excel in forage, grass and native species. As we move into the spring and summer months, don't forget that BioVision is available to conduct soil pathology (Clubroot, Aphanomyces) testing and soil seed analysis!

February 2017 Newsletter

What is new with BioVision? We have plenty of new initiatives to talk about, so download our newsletter today! Also, meet our new Sales and Operations Manager - Steve Goossen - as he leads our Winnipeg lab team.

November 2016 Newsletter

20 years in business! Yes, it is true! Find out more about our celebrations, and new soybean dicamba test and our recently launched BioVision CONNECT online software! 

March 2016 Newsletter

Spring is coming fast and it's time to think about last minute seed testing! BioVision has compiled data for the disease incidence (percentage of pulse samples with a positive detection event for pathogens) in field peas and lentils. Learn more about tips for seedling success for seeding and mechanical damage in pulses in this edition of Inside the Lab newsletter.



January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year! Let's look at a 2015 seed crop update. Germination results are looking strong across Western Canadian crops this year. Overall, we are still seeing lower levels of seed-borne fungal infection in the West due to dry conditions but pockets of disease are still present in some areas. Read more about f. graminearum incidence in cereals across the provinces, our first scholarship winner and seed industry events in January!


November 2015 Newsletter

Harvest is wrapped up, and BioVision has an early snapshot of the 2015 crop quality! BioVision's November newsletter is packed with information about Wheat Midge Refuge testing, upcoming events, new scholarships and Fusarium graminearum testing. Stay up-to-date with BioVision's quarterly newsletters!

 September 2015 Newsletter

It's a new crop year and BioVision welcomes partnering with our clients for another testing season! Read about new Harvest Testing packages available and fall soil testing for Clubroot and Aphanoymces.


June 2015 Newsletter

BioVision welcomed two new staff to our team in May. We are now offering new online payment options and a 24 hour Drop Box behind our Sherwood Park location. Also, don't forget to call BioVision for your crop inspection needs this summer. 


March 2015 Newsletter

Are you familiar with Aphanomyces euteiches in soil, which reduces pea and other pulse crop yield? Learn about the disease and the detection tools for your farm business. Also, don't neglect to order those last minute tests, as they are critical to reaching your targeted plant population. 


January 2015 Newsletter

The seed is a vector for crop diseases!  Find out what seed borne fungal pathogens we are observing in samples tested this season! 


November 2014 Newsletter

What is the quality of the 2014 seed crop?  Check out BioVision's initial germination snapshot for cereals and pulse crops.  We have observed seed dormancy in wheat, so learn what it is and what seed labs implement to break dormancy.  Even thought the lab has had a busy start to the season, we took the time to attend ISTA's workshop on Varietal Identification, so hear our comments. 


September 2014 Newsletter

We have lots to share from the summer of 2014! BioVision announced our Edmonton lab relocation and our thoughts on the inaugural year of pedigreed seed crop inspection. Don't miss out on details of our Seed Summit and of course, the start of 2014 crop analysis ---winter wheat.


March 2014 Newsletter

Land reclamation consultants...what's important to you?  If understanding seed populations (weeds/crops) in soil is critical to your business, learn about this new service in our newsletter! We also discuss the particulars of our PCR test for the presence of Clubroot.


February 2014 Newsletter

Manage cereal and pulse diseases now!  First, know what diseases are seed borne before you plant this spring by ordering a fungal scan. Then use our analysis to target seed treatments.  This newsletter is dedicated to explaining the fungal scan and demonstrating the benefits of seed treatment! 


January 2014 Newsletter

Alfalfa, fescue & timothy germination...we have the trends in the 2013 seed crop for you!  For annual cereal crops, we discuss BioVision Seed Labs' varietal identification and purity services we have commercialized and which test is right for you.  Keep informed!


December 2013 Newsletter

BioVision’s most viewed newsletter is now available! From germination to seed borne diseases in cereal and pulses, we outline the trends in the 2013 seed crop. Looking for CFIA accredited inspectors for your 2014 seed fields?  Learn about BioVision's offer and where we will operate. Interesting advancements in Technology Corner and Community involvement too, so don't miss out!


September 2013 Newsletter

BioVision has been busy all summer validating new testing tools!  We have succeeded in bringing refined precision to varietal testing and created systems to support the growing desire to photo document growth based tests.  Meet our new staff that joined us, to continue our high level of customer service and prompt turn-around.


March 2013 Newsletter

BioVision’s Spring 2013 newsletter outlines the last minute checklist you need before you start planting.  Take a quick look to ensure you are covered!  Read on about how we harness technology to notify your smartphone or desktop when results are lower that your benchmark.  With the snow melt in progress, learn about our new Clubroot sample submission materials too.


December 2012 Newsletter

BioVision’s seed quality newsletter is now available! From germination to seed borne diseases, we outline the trends we have observed in the 2012 seed crop. We also showcase our new IT advances within our newly designed website, mobile app and video series. Our staff will be travelling across the prairies in the next few months, so find out where we will be under the “Events” heading.


September 2012 Newsletter

BioVision’s Fall 2012 newsletter launches the new crop testing season and updates our valued clients on new initiatives in our lab. During the summer, BioVision purchased a NIR instrument to serve various agricultural sectors. This instrument expands our testing portfolio, plus brings operational efficiency to the workbench. Also, in this edition of BioVision’s newsletter we also discuss the winter wheat crop quality and various AGMs attended by our staff. Do take the time to review the ISTA and CSAAC meeting updates, as there are innovative testing methods coming down the pipeline and new recommendation brought forward by CFIA.


February 2012 Newsletter

BioVision’s February 2012 newsletter is the much anticipated edition which thoroughly outlines the seed quality of the 2011 crop and also benchmarks the averages against the 2010 seed crop. As the grain marketing landscape changes in the upcoming months, learn how BioVision’s Grain Grading can fit into your grain business. Other topics include how to communicate with us via twitter (@seed_testing) and how we can keep you informed with our video’s produced with We are very excited to explore these new forms of client interaction and are keen to hear from you.

December 2011 Newsletter 

BioVision’s December 2011 newsletter officially announces our Winnipeg lab accreditation and introduces our lead analyst, Ken Penner. We also detail our new varietal identification services for cereal grains and relay the preliminary snapshot of seed quality. In an effort to expand communication with our client base, BioVision has launched a number of social media initiatives. You can follow us on Twitter or view our “Under the Microscope” series with Read more by downloading the file.

August 2011 Newsletter 

BioVision’s August 2011 newsletter provides a glimpse at our recent business developments and our efforts to serve our valued clients. In the fall of 2011, BioVision is anticipating seed accreditation of our Winnipeg laboratory by CFIA, so stay tuned for updates. We will also be offering Seed Import Releases for crops listed in Tables I-VI, XVIII, and VII. In preparation for growth, BioVision also announces the hiring of Lee-Anne Alde, a fully accredited seed analyst, to our Grande Prairie analytical team.

March 2011 Newsletter 

BioVision’s March 2011 newsletter demonstrates our recent analytical asset acquisitions and how we have deployed these into our new testing procedures for event testing, disease testing and varietal identification. To support the grain industry’s needs, we are now offering Falling Number analysis in our Winnipeg laboratory location. Within our Staff Highlight section, we have also taken this opportunity to introduce a valuable new staff member, Nicole Girard, to our disease and molecular departments.

January 2011 Newsletter

BioVision’s January 2011 newsletter provides a thorough analysis of the overall quality of the 2010 cereal and pulse seed crop. Both germination and disease data (range & average) are tabulated, and then compared against the 2009 seed crop. If the quality of your seed crop is borderline, BioVision has provided a few recommendations as well. Patrick Greer, BioVision’s grain quality expert and manager of our new Winnipeg lab, is introduced in our Staff Highlight section.


October 2010 Newsletter 

BioVision’s Fall 2010 Newsletter announces the grand opening of our WINNIPEG lab! Our business is built around a solid strategy which focuses on comprehensive analysis and service deliverables that are met each and every time. This conveniently located lab offers grain graining services to grain handlers, research organizations, processors and farmers. BioVision is also proud of the addition of CDC Triffid flax testing to our extensive portfolio. For further details and a synopsis of BioVision’s recent activities open our newsletter by selecting the button on the right.

March 2010 Newsletter 

BioVision's March 2010 Newsletter highlights the seed quality of the 2009 crop and the Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight (Ottawa, 2009).

January 2010 Newsletter 

BioVision's January 2010 Newsletter summarizes the technical committee presentations from the ISTA conference which BioVision attended in Switzerland (June 2009). Also, view images of pre-harvest damage that is showing in wheat.

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