About Us

We Are:

A premium services, seed, grain and soil testing laboratory serving the agricultural market.

We believe:

Our clients, vendors, and employees are partners. 

Our success will come from an investment in partnerships for the long term.

Our Values:

Quality is the top priority and never negotiable.

We will generate a fair return for our shareholders over the long term.

We will innovate to generate value not revenue.

Our leaders are engaged and decisive.

We work smart and build through teamwork.

We measure our performance to succeed.

Honesty and integrity are requirements.

We love agriculture and give back to our communities.


BioVision Seed Labs is the leading Canadian agriculture laboratory, partnered with the seed and grain industry, farmers, agricultural & agronomy research organizations, life science and crop protection companies to meet top quality assurance and certification testing. We are lab specialists and experts in a variety of seeds and grains including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, forages, grasses, and specialty crops across Canada. We offer cost effective grade analysis services, varietal identification, and seed testing for physical purity, germination, disease and vigor testing. Grading and diagnostics are critical for crop production, maximum yield, plant growth and best agronomic field results.

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