1) How do I submit a sample to SGS BioVision
Sign up for a CONNECT SGS account or download the Sample Submission Form
2) When should I send my sample to SGS BioVision?
Seed samples should be submitted post harvest, after cleaning/processing and just prior to planting. Soil, tissue and water samples are to be submitted on demand, with awareness there is no weekend courier delivery.
3) What volume of sample is required for testing?
Cereals: 250 grams Corn & Pea: 500 grams Grasses & Legumes: 150-200 grams Pedigreed Seed Grade (Cereals & Pulses): 5.0 kgs Varietal Confirmation: 250 grams Phytosanitary Certificate: 1.0 kg Grain Grade: 750 grams Soil Pathology and Nutrient: 2 cups
4) What is a typical turn around for tests?
All growth based tests, such as germination, vigor and cool stress testing are planted on the day of receipt. Therefore, test turn around is dictated by the test length and crop type. Soil and tissue pathology turn around is 7-10 business days, as well as varietal confirmation.
5) How does SGS BioVision send me the test results?
You can access your results in our online software CONNECT SGS or via email.
6) How do I contact client services or follow up on the test status?
You may create your inquiry in CONNECT SGS, email BioVisionSherwoodPark@sgs.com, call 1.800.952.5407 or text 1.587.801.1313.

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