Grain Quality Services

grain quality testing services

SGS BioVision follows standardized procedures, as outlined by the Canadian Grain Commission, processes samples with validated test methodologies, and combines experienced staff, to deliver professional services. We provide customized and innovative solutions for research trials, commodity monitoring and end use verification.

Grain Grading Services Our unique & comprehensive grain quality assessment meets the demands of research organizations who focus on replicated trails for varietal development and product enhancements.

End Use Testing Ensure your grains are compliant to end use and food ingredient manufacturing standards.

DNA Varietal Confirmation Confirmation of variety (VC), as well as understanding composition of each component (VID), provides knowledge of product conformity (wheat, barley) for sale into domestic and export markets.

Advanced Molecular Diagnostics We deploy multiple technologies to quantify and detect GMO Events and herbicide residue for compliance.

1) Grain Grading Services

Grain grade assignment & comprehensive Grading Factors (Fusarium damaged kernels, ergot, midge, green seed, sprouted, hard viscous kernels, black point, smudge)

Protein, Oil Content, Moisture, Dockage, Foreign Material

2) End Use Testing

Mycotoxin: Vomitoxin, Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin

Falling Number

Malt Germination

3) DNA Varietal Confirmation

Barley: Bulk Grind (SNP Markers), 92 Kernels (SNP Markers), 16 Kernels (Microsatellite Markers)

Wheat: 16 Kernel (Microsatellite markers), 24 Kernels (NEW!)

4) Advanced Molecular Diagnostics

GMO Event Testing – PCR & qPCR

Herbicide Residue Testing

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