An Overview

SGS BioVision is Canada’s leading agricultural service provider conducting precise and accurate solutions for seed companies, plant breeders, life science companies, researchers, greenhouses, reclamation companies, distributors, growers and retail industries to meet their quality assurance and certification needs.

We are committed to leading edge services, innovative client service communication, integrity and saftey. Our laboratories are CFIA and CSI accredited, and we maintain ISO 9001:2015 designation at our corporate Sherwood Park lab.

Our Services

Seed Analysis Services

Confirm the health and quality of your seeds through our comprehensive analysis including germination, disease, vigor, trait and health diagnostics.

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Soil, Leaf and Water Services

Optimize and improve your crop development through analytical testing, prior and during the growing season.

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Grain Quality Assessment Services

Build product confidence through grain grade, varietal confirmation, end use quality measurements and advanced molecular diagnostics.

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Forage and Feed Quality Services

Enhance efficiency and create profit with forage, feed, manure and livestock water packaged services.

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Pedigreed Seed Crop Inspection

Certify pedigreed seed production fields with our licensed in-field seed inspectors.

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Greenhouse Analytical Services

Manage productive greenhouse operations with analytics designed for media, water and tissue monitoring.

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Our 2019/2020 Fee Schedule is available by contacting us. New prices effective September 1, 2019. SGS Terms and Conditions apply.