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We continue to expand our agricultural services and geographical coverage to build your ONE-STOP-SHOP. Our SGS Crop Science division offers Canada’s most comprehensive spectrum of seed, feed, tissue, water and soil testing services, so stay tuned to our news releases, newsletters and industry event participation.

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Aphanomyces in Peas: NEW qPCR added to standard PCR Testing

Aphanomyces euteiches, a persistent root rot pathogen infecting peas, lentils and dry beans, impacts crop productivity during the entire growing season. We offer both standard PCR qualification testing of soil and roots, plus NOW quantify spore load within infected soil!


Blackleg Race Testing: Understanding Pathogen Genotype and Phenotypes

Blackleg is a disease of canola caused by Leptosphaeria maculans. Choose our KASP™ genotyping test, which determines the race genotypes and estimated phenotypes in canola stems. This data is useful to target canola resistance genes for future seed options.


Soil Seed Analysis: Quantifying Weed Seeds Present in Soil

Weed populations are established each year because of persistent seed banks in arable soils. A knowledge of weed composition is necessary to avoid weed spread when transferring soil, topsoil or compost. Learn how we quantify seeds present in soil.


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