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Cool Stress Test - The premium vigor test for your seed

BioVision Seed Labs conducts cool stress testing on most seed crops grown in Canada. By introducing cool chamber temperature, the seedlings will respond based on numerous factors either genetic or induced by in-crop growing conditions. The crop species tested will determine the growing media, growth chamber temperatures and photoperiod.

Learn about the method we use for cool stress testing and how it stacks up against the germination test.

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BioVision Seed Labs: Pathology testing of cereals and pulses

Seed disease testing is common practice for cereals, canola and pulses in Canada. At BioVision Seed Labs, we analyze seed pathogens via culture media, DNA and ELISA. These seed tests target both agricultural disease presence, as well as end-use grain quality.

Read more in our Pathology Technical Bulletin attached.

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BioVision Seed Labs: Germination testing of agricultural seed crops

Germination tests provide clients with the confidence that their seed will grow and meet the Grade Table standards. We analyze your seedlings after they have grown under prescribed conditions for a predetermined growth period and classify the seedlings as: Normal seedlings, Abnormal Seedlings, Dormant Seeds, Dead Seeds, Fresh Seeds and Hard Seeds.

BioVision Seed Lab is the Canadian expert on germination testing of cereals, canola, pulses, forages, grasses and vegetable crops. You will be confident with your seed testing, as we are a CFIA accredited lab, maintain ISO designation and have over 15 years’ experience.

Read more in our Germination Technical Bulletin attached.

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