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What to Consider for Last-Minute Pulse Seed Tests - March 31, 2016

Exploring BioVisions 1,400 Species Herbarium - February 22, 2016

Seed Test to Consider Over Winter - December 23, 2016

Evaluating Seeds Born of the 2015 Crop - November 19, 2015

Could Aphanomyces be Lurking in your Field? - June 8, 2015

What, Where and How to Test for Clubroot - February 28, 2015

It's Retest Time - January 23, 2015

Minimizing the Risks of PreHarvest Glphosate Application - August 19, 2014


"Under the Microscope" All about Faba beans

As growers seek crop diversification strategies and new markets emerge, Faba beans have become the talk of Alberta this season. BioVision Seed Labs' marketing coordinator, Leslie Bieleny and launch into an in-depth discussion regarding the unique characteristics of the germination test, widely divergent kernel weights, seed borne diseases and insect damage. 

April 17, 2014


"Under the Microscope" Harvest Conditions Weight on Late Winter Germination Rates

When do germination rates drop below an acceptable tolerance? In-crop weather patterns and storage conditions contribute to germination stability. BioVision Seed Labs has observed a loss of germination through the winter of malt barley samples and CPS wheat samples. LIVE from FarmTech 2013, BioVision Seed Labs outlines germination concerns and advises management practices to ensure success this spring!

February 10, 2014


"Under the Microscope" The Evolution of the Seed Lab

Straight from the Canadian Seed Trade Association meeting in Winnipeg, RealAgriculture and BioVision Seed Labs take a futuristic look at the seed lab service offer.  Where will new services originate?  Who will be the experts, as the shift between public and private services evolves?  What crops will new seed testing advancements be made in?

November 20, 2013


"Under the Microscope" Identifying Chemical Damage in a Germination Test & True Loose Smut in Barley Embryos

Today, Lyndsey Smith from digs deep with BioVision Seed Labs on the damage pre-harvest glyphosate application will have on seed germination of cereals and pulses.  Watch closely as we demonstrate how our accredited analysts can keenly identify the abnormal seedling characteristics.  One very visible barley crop disease, True Loose Smut, is seed borne and is closely monitored by the seed industry.  Learn about the unique diagnostic tool used to identify the embryo infection.

November 1, 2013


"Under the Microscope" Dormancy Explained

Wonder why your seed visually looks healthy, but it will not germinate?  We tell you the possible reasons for dormancy and what we can do to help you make decisions on your seed crop.

October 15, 2013



"Under the Microscope" Getting Ready for Winter Wheat Seeding

Have you secured your winter wheat seed?  It is now time to re-germ your 2012 seed or send those new crop samples in!  We have inventory test results to tell you about, as well as recommendations for testing the 2013 seed crop.

September 25, 2013



"Under the Microscope" - Season 3

Ready...Set....Go!  BioVision and will join forces for Season 3 of "Under the Microscope" series. Timely education of seed and grain content will drive each episode. NEW this season will be on-site audio interviews at conventions / trade shows to bring you to the heart of the issues. Keep us on your radar, as we extend LIVE interviews with Lyndsey Smith!


"Under the Microscope" The How-To's of Clubroot Sampling & Testing

Western Canadian prairie farmers are on alert for the root disease that impacts one of the most profitable crops - canola.  BioVision Seed Labs discusses with steps for sampling, submitting and how to interpret results. Holly Gelech also outlines provincial best managment practices including Saskatchewan's updated plan.

April 13, 2013


"Under the Microscope" Purity: Physical, Trait, Varietal.  Which one is for you?

Confused yet? "Purity testing" is a blanket statement that covers many different types of tests. In this video segment we explain the difference between physical purity, varietal purity, pure seed and trait testing.These employ different procedures (microscopic, bioassay-growth based, mechanical) and produce varied result formats (x/kg, x%). Ensure you are ordering the right test!

March 15, 2013


"Under the Microscope" The Value of a Pre-seed Pulse Screen

With spring approaching quickly, BioVision Seed Labs discusses with the importance of the standard germination test, as well as when the cool stress test makes sense to order for pulses. Take advantage of the seeding rate calculators that Holly Gelech recommends, so that you target optimum plant stand through seed size and not traditional loose guidelines.

February 27, 2013


"Under the Microscope" What Makes a Vigour Test Different?

With a toolbox full of diagnostic services, the key to ordering the correct analysis is understanding how each test is performed and when it is applicable.  Find out how germination and vigour testing differ, and when they should be utilized”.

January 28, 2013


"Under the Microscope" An In-Depth Look at Soybean Testing

Hot and dry weather conditions during harvest can contribute to cracking, some which aren’t always visible.  This can damage germination potential of soybeans, and may cause accelerated seed degradation.  The 2012 soybean germinations range from 55% to 95%, so learn more about this variability in Series 6 of “Under the Microscope”.            

December 14, 2012


"Under the Microscope" Specialized Testing.

Standard seed and grain tests may not be exactly what you are looking for these days. When you are seeking information for the end use, diagnostic tools are available for you! BioVision Seed Labs can give you comfort with our specialized tests to ensure you meet commodity declarations and grain safety. Lyndsey Smith from digs deep into this analytical segment in the 5th episode of Under the Microscope.

November 27, 2012


"Under the Microscope" Is this Fusarium Damage?

With marketplace discussion of Fusarium Damaged Kernels in commodity grain and Fusarium graminearum infection in seed, these points are often confused.  BioVision’s business development manager discusses the differences with Lyndsey Smith (  Targeting the correct test for each scenario is your key to becoming informed!

November 8, 2012


"Under the Microscope" What's Downgrading Wheat

The 2012 wheat crop in western Canada was harvested under close to ideal weather conditions. This could have led to high quality grain, but numerous in-field pests have affected the crop. Find out what diseases and insects are downgrading wheat this fall.

October 24, 2012


 "Under the Microscope" Good Quality, but High Disease Levels for Many Crops

With seed testing well underway, trends are emerging in the 2012 seed crop. From seed borne diseases to mechanical damage, learn from Holly Gelech what seed labs are observing this fall in cereal and pulse seed crops. Lindsey Smith asks direct questions on what geographies are affected and how results are comparing to prior years.

October 15, 2012


 "Under the Microscope" The Importance of Proper Sampling

BioVision’s Business Development Manager, Holly Gelech, and editor for, Lyndsey Smith, discuss the importance of proper sampling techniques and how to build an adequate representative sample. We also discuss the importance of benchmarking seed quality in the fall, giving producers ample time to secure seed and crop protection products.

October 3, 2012


"Under the Microscope" - Season 2

BioVision and will be premiering Season 2 of the "Under the Microscope" series in early October. We will continue to educate producers and deliver informative segments about seed and grain testing. This season, we will be featuring Lyndsey Smith, editor of RealAgriculture, and we are especially excited about the knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to the series. Stay tuned!


"Under the Microscope" Independent Grain Grading Episode

BioVision and Real discuss the benefits of an independent grain grade. By having comprehensive data on the grain quality, as well as the contaminants that impact the grade, farmers are on a level playing field when marketing their grain. Opportunities to increase the grade by removing contaminants is also outlined in BioVision’s grade, as well as identification of disease and insects that are encroaching.

March 20, 2012


"Under the Microscope" Putting Germination Tests in Perspective Episode

Trevor Nysetvold, BioVision's President, discusses with the importance of testing seed regularly. Since seed is a living organism, it can deteriorate without visual signs and produce disastrous outcomes if not caught. Trevor also outlines how interpretation of test results is critical.

January 11, 2012


“Under the Microscope” CDC TRIFFID Episode 

Shaun Haney with and Holly Gelech discuss the continued commitment by the flax industry to satisfy the EU strict requirements to import Canadian flax. Topics include the complex genetic test method, why farmers should continue to test their flax, and the financial test subsidy offered by the Flax Council of Canada.

November 29, 2011


"Under the Microscope" ERGOT Episode

Check out BioVision and interview on ergot in cereals. We will help answer your questions on why ergot is present at high levels this year, how it impacts various agriculture sectors and what to keep in mind for next year.

November 2, 2011


“Under the Microscope” series launched with

BioVision Seed Labs and have partnered to educate producers and deliver informative segments about seed testing. The inaugural interview focused on the quality of the 2011 seed crop and issues that have been identified to date. For the full segment, select the button on the right. Stay tuned for future episodes!

October 11, 2011


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