Soil Seed Analysis: Quantifying Weed Seeds Present in Soil

Weed populations are established each year because of persistent seed banks in arable soils. A knowledge of weed composition is necessary to avoid weed spread when transferring soil, topsoil or compost. Learn how we quantify seeds present in soil.


Greenhouse Lab Services: Media, Water, Solution and Plant Tissue Testing

Laboratory analysis plays a crucial role in greenhouse management. Whether balancing nutrients in water/solution, identifying deficiencies in plant tissue or monitoring plant pathogens, SGS can assist greenhouse growers by providing measurements necessary for management decisions.


Custom Seed Treating Services: In-lab treating services provides valuable data for treatment decisions

Our seed laboratories have built custom treating services on-site and have stocked our shelves with the most recent seed treatments, including nutrient enhancements. Evaluate product performance by comparing the treated seed to the bare submitted sample through quantitative analysis.


Dormancy in Cereals: Understanding the causes and the lab procedures we implement to remedy

Reduced germination in wheat and barley due to dormancy is often observed post harvest. Learn the causes and what lab procedures we utilize to break dormancy.


Clubroot in Canola: Standard (PCR) and Quantification (qPCR) Testing

Clubroot in canola is a serious disease in western Canada. Learn about our diagnostic testing of soil and root tissue for the presence of clubroot spores. We can also QUANTIFY the clubroot spore load in soil!


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